As a fan of survival games, I must say that I have seen a lot of them, there were good ones, funny ones, boring ones, and all sorts of categories, but one thing that absolutely captured my heart and got me addicted is the game called Truly, this game with its complexity and amount of features is one of the first in its category, there are so many things that you can do in this game, but let’s not rush and go through the details thoroughly below, shall we?

This is yet another awesome survival game, it features various features, for example starting from resource gathering and ending with taming different pets. The game also allows you to use gathered resources for various buildings, structures, and tools. There are plenty of areas in the game, they dynamically change from rainforest into a desert and other locations, each location is unique and different in its own way and you will find different animals on the map as well.

The name of the game itself suggests how important pets are in the game, they are your companion, they follow your orders and they are essential for your survival in the game. From the early stage of the game, you start with a single pet – wolf, as you advance further in the game you will have an opportunity to tame more pets, stronger ones thus you will be able to gather more resources and feel safer in the game.

The main menu of the game offers various tools and features, for example, let’s take a look at the section – cosmetics, here you can change various things: the appearance of your main character, accessories, trail (when you walk you leave special effect behind), etc. There are plenty of choices, keep in mind that most of these options have a second page as well!

This is a gate to the magic world, you just have to register your account in order to use it, it is quite simple, takes a couple of minutes. Anyway, here you can buy unique items, power-ups, and other things like that to help you with your quest. Shop gets new items/upgrades quite often, visit it once in a while.

Gotta love this section, every decent game has hard challenges or challenges in it, and in order to complete them, you will have to show your best skills, your creativity, and wit. Completing challenges also offer you access to various rewards and believe me, in some cases, you get extraordinary items as a reward.

Other important things from the menu
We covered major things, but there are other things worth mentioning as well: the possibility to invite friends and play together (can you imagine possibilities that this feature offers you?), a leaderboard, a place where you can check the names of all top players, people who managed to become best of the best and finally I want to mention section of guides and video tutorials, I was a newbie not while ago and I must say that game offers very useful tips on how to survive in the game and progress with minimum effort.

This one is really big, I mean it will take another thousand words or something like that in order to explain every single upgrade in the game. As I have mentioned before, has tons of different upgrades and features in it, starting from the possibility to tame more pets, gather resources, build structures, and improve your weaponry, and ending with the possibility to automize all of your resource gatherings. Honestly, one of the best survival games out there at the moment, especially when it comes to flexibility, functionality, and creativity.